My name is Tanya. I'm a freelance illustrator based near Brighton, in the UK.
My work is well suited for children's publishing and editorial.
I use a combination of digital and traditional tools in my artwork. I love narrative illustrations that include a bit of intrigue or quirkiness.
If you would like to commission some work or licence an existing illustration, please contact me.
Tanya has created a wonderful range of diverse illustrations for Secure Futures business technology magazine. Her intelligent thinking, and considerate use of brand colours, has made a huge impact to the success of these articles in social channels.  She’s excellent about coming up with concepts for visual ideas to support sometimes very complex and hypothetical technical topics. She delivers original and captivating creative work that’s both intriguing, delightful and also on-brand and right for our audience.  I thoroughly recommended working with her,  I certainly will be!
Susi O’Neill, Head of Brand Content B2B at Kaspersky